List Of Top Best Reliable URL Shorteners 2018


Usual Long URL’s  are so hard to memorize or very difficult to share with one another. You can shorten those long links into an easily catchable short URL’s.

URL shortener  is an URL shortening service provider to shrink  a long URL website or any web page address to a shorter URL . This shorter version of the URL is usually easier to share among your friends or social media and also easy to remember. When you  accesses the shortened address, the browser redirects to the original url address and it is called URL redirection.

There are several options for shortening your URL links  and some URL shorteners  even provide extra services like click analytics. You can check out the following list of  URL shortening service providers that you can get started with using right now.

You can simplify your website link using URL Shortening technique. Google URL shortener is used widely among the users of different countries to create short URL’s that can be easily remembered, shared, tweeted and emailed to your friends and team members of your organization. Every URL’s and click analytics …

Downloads: Chrome

Pricing: Free

Bitly is an industry leading URL shortener which is an open source and can be accessed by anyone. Bitly is also an leading link management platform. You can measure your links with Bitly.

Pricing: Free

Bc.Vc is an modern URL shortener taht allows its user to shrink any URL’s. is an new technique that allows you to get targeted visitors to your website. For example Shorten the website called into thus making it very simple and easy to memorize and share.

Pricing: Free

TinyURL is best known for URL Shortener. TinyURL is used to shorten your long URL into a Tiny URL. You can install tinyURL on your tool bar and just click and drag the URL which you need to shorten and instantly TinyURL will create an shortened URL. You can also …

Pricing: Free is an free online service where you can shorten URL and create short links. is also an money making URL shortner which allows you to earn money when you shorten your links and share them on internet. You can join anytime and earn on every link you …

Pricing: Free is the top leading URL shortener which also let you share files and track visits. You can make your links easily manageable with Shrink any URL at anytime with free open source portal let you to instantly share and retweet links. Users can also track the …

Pricing: Free

Mcafee is an world’s top leading security software company. Mcafee introduces new service provider named which allows you to shorten your URL. is an secure, short URL service which allows you to enter any long URL into the input box and it will shorten the given URL into …

Pricing: Free is an simple and powerful URL shortener by which you can shorten, customize and track your links easily. allows you to shorten and personalize any link and also you can get real time traffic statistics for your links. With you can have your own URL shortener service …

Pricing: Free is an ethical URL shortener that is suipported by Memset. is very simple to use free online service which will process instantly, only thing you need to do is just copy and paste the long URL into the input field and get your shortened URL in a minutes. …

Pricing: Free is an powerful link shortening service that perfoms instant shortening of any URL’s or links. You can use anytime anywhere as it is an free open source platform that let you shorten any URL’s or page links. let you share any links or URL’s accurately and easily. …

Pricing: Free

Yourls is an excellent Platform for URL shortener. Yourls is also known as your own URL shortener. Yourls is designed with set of PHP scripts that will let you run your own URL shortener. Yourls is an free open source software which can be accessed by everyone.

Pricing: Free



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