Alternatives To Unix Coin


    Unix Coin is the latest cryptocurrency project in the digital world, which has been concentrating on both ICO sale and HYIP investment. Here, it allows investors to receive daily interest rate from 0.10% to 0.35%, up to maximum 48% monthly.

    The company has a self-controlled lending program, which means for investors who prefer the fixed return they can choose it. The self-controlled investment is a one-time payment after the end of the contact (principal + interest).

    In this case, the minimum deposit amount should be $100 and no limit on the maximum amount. The transfer fee for is set to be 0.0005 only.

    At ICO sale, the coin price will be affordable and it will be the great chance for investors to acquire Unix coin initially. The next stage of ICO sale is 26 November 2017 and ends on 25 December 2017.

    The company has been affording a special ICO bonus through ICO referral program about 7%-2%-1%. The investors can get the referral bonus for lending from 8% to 0.2%, depends on the level.



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