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    ShareIt is Well Known for its fast file transferring options. Shareit is the world’s fastest cross platform file transfer tool. you can share all kinds of files whenever and where ever instantly. shareit’s speed is two hundred times faster than bluetooth. To share files using shareit you don’t need any memory sticks, data usage or internet either. ShareIt holds no one position in google play as most downloaded apps in several countries and regions.As it works under cross platform it allows sharing for phones & computers & tablets, Android & iOS & Windows Phone & Windows XP/7/8.

    You can transfer Photos, videos, music, installed apps and any other files with no restricted sizes. To share files from one device to another you just enter into reachable zone that simple is shareit. ShareIt works under Android, Ios, Windows, Mac and Windows phone. You can simply now connect to your PC and view files on your mobile.
    Directly control your PPT with your mobile and also back up valuable data in a second.You can easily back up contacts, messages, apps, all types of files from your old phone to new one.

    • No Wifi Needed
    • No Data Connection Needed
    • 200 Times Faster than Bluetooth

    Downloads: Android | Ios | Windows Phone | Windows | Mac OS X

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    Xender is a best file sharing app which fulfils all your sharing needs. Xender comes with new features that is hungama integrated. so it allows you to listen download and share music. You can simultaneously watch cricket match in Xender …

    Downloads: Android | Ios | Windows Phone | Windows

    Share Cloud

    Share cloud is an app that allows you to share any apps and files with no restriction in sizes. Share single or multiple apps, files, audios, images and videos at once. Easy searching for files and apps in sharecloud. You …

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    Shareall is an fastest real time file sharing app. To transfer files including images, audio,video, documents and apps shareall is the best way.Share any files format with your friends and colleagues without internet.Set storage location of your choice whether you …

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    Zapya is the world’s fastest file transfer tool for near field communication. Zapya requires no usb cables, no internet, no mobile data and it is very simple to use.Zapya is a very effective, easy-to-use, lightning fast file-transfer app that anyone …

    Downloads: Android | IosMac | Web Share | Windows Phone


    4Share Apps is mainly for files transfer between android devices.Now you can transfer files between android devices very faster than imagine. You can share all kinds of files whenever and wherever with no restrictions in sizes. 4ShareApps works very fast …

    Downloads: Android

    App Share

    App Share let you to easy share your apps to your friends, you can share by link of Google play or directly share APK. You can share by message, Gmail, Bluetooth, what’s app, Facebook Dropbox etc. App Sharer also support …

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    My App Sharer

    MyAppSharer allows its user to share apps to other device or backup apps. You can share by link of Google play or directly share APK. MyAppSharer support many method to share your apps, you can share by message, Gmail, bluetooth, …

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    Bluetooth App Sender

    If you ever wonder to share files using only bluetooth then here is the solution to share apps with your friends. BluetoothAppSender it is a very simple to use and smart tool to share your applications with your friends. The …

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    Bluetooth Files Transfer

    Bluetooth Files Transfer is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data short distances.Bluetooth File Transfer allows you to exchange files between your Android phone and any other Bluetooth-enabled device.It can connect several devices, overcoming problems of synchronization. Bluetooth wireless technology …

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    Share Apps

    Share Apps provides many methods to share your apps, you can share an app by sending it as a Message, Email, Bluetooth, Whats App, Facebook Messenger etc.Share Apps allows you to easily share apps installed on your device and send …

    Downloads: Android



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