Alternatives To SFICoin


    SFICoin is another newest cryptocurrency investment program, which gives space for you to invest coin and earn daily interest. It is the most promising digital currency, where anyone can pay or send money to anyone across the world in the form of digital currency.

    Pricing: ICO Timing: 26 Nov to 25 Dec 2017 ICO Price : 0.1$ to 0.9$ Coin Abbreviation: SFI Total Supply: 2100000000 (100% Mined) Available Coin Supply: 2100000000 Total Supply for Affiliate: 300000000 Total Coin in ICO: 15,000,000

    • Earn interest about 0.15% - 0.30% daily
    • Min Lending amount is $50
    • Max Lending amount is 100,000
    • Capital Back after 90 days – 270 days

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