Alternatives To LibraCoin


    LibraCoin is another decentralized cryptocurrency digital coin, which is an open-source platform. The program will offer many investment chances for the investors to maximize their funds.

    When it comes to investing your amount in lending, they have been accepting the minimum investment of $100 USD and ready to pay volatile interest + up to 45% interest per month.

    To accrue the interest your money will be locked for the contract period around 110 days to 240 days, which will depend on the investment plans.

    The company is ready to pay the return interest on your invested amount is about 0.15% to 0.35% daily, this also depends on the lending amount and contract period of time.

    Here, its ICO crowdsale will start on 11 December 2017 and will ends on 11 January 2017 with 8 million coins and the maximum supply of 30 million libra coins.

    Its referral bonus pays up on 4 levels namely; level 1 – 7%, level 2 – 5%, level 3 – 3% and level 4 – 1% respectively.



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