Alternatives To IDIOTIFY APP


    Idiotify is the simplest but still funniest  app to challenge with your friends. With Idiotify you can create the best speech jammer challenge. You can also change your voice in real time with just a swipe. Say silly things while your voice sounds scary, like a robot and many more. Get your headphones, press the big nice button and start laughing and making fun of yourself to act like a fool . Idiotify applies the most advanced technology to make you sound like a fool so you can laugh a lot and have tons of fun! It applies a secret recipe to make you feel stupid and talk in a hilarious way. Challenge everyone to talk like a fool with Idiotify. The Idiotify app brings you the best experience to your iPhone, using the most advanced features available on the lastest iPhones. It allows you to record, play and share your own voice while you are talking feeling like stupid. Idiotify has a perfect and clear sound quality, all you have to worry about is to not take yourself too serious.

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