Alternatives To Ideacoin


    Ideacoin is the best innovation of investment, where you can earn profit through trading, investment, staking, and mining. This investment platform allows you to take dull benefits as per your deposit ability. They have been affording the highest return on investment about 45% per month.

    This system is very simple and more profitable, where its ICO crowd sale starts on 20 November 2017 until 10 December 2017. They have created bots that monitors about 12 exchanges and new coins from other sources. Here the ICO is consists of 5 rounds, where the coin price will be raising at every next round.

    • The cost of Ideacoin is growing around 10-20% a month
    • Gain 20% yearly profit to your staking investment
    • Provide reward to mine block and earn new Ideacoin
    • Offering 8% ICO referral bonus commission

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