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    Davorcoin is the newly entered digital currency into the cryptocurrency world that aims to become the most popular current altcoins like BTC and ETH. It is a form of digital money, which can be stored in computer, hardware wallet or somewhere in the cloud. This coin can be traded as stocks on the famous exchange when you own it.

    Davorcoin Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Sale

    DAV offers a crowdfunding round by means of ICO sale for 30 days, which will be the public sale of davercoins. The starting date and ending time of ICO sale will be mentioned earlier with the maximum coins supply of 6 million.

    During this ICO sale, the minimum purchase amount is 100 DAV and the maximum purchase amount is 50.000 DAV for a single user.

    How to Earn Profits?

    After ICO sale, you can invest your coins on lending and get a daily interest and up to 48% profit per month. Simply, you can hold your dav coins in your wallet for minimum 12 months and earn interest 10%.


    • Status: Stopped
    • Earn up to 48% interest per month
    • Minimum investment Amount: $100
    • Maximum Investment Amount: $25000+
    • Affiliate Commission: 8%-4%-2%-1%-1%

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    Why Davorcoin?

    Davorcoin is one of the most ambitious crypto lending programs, which goal is to become the most emerging current popular alternative coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It creates the space to make transaction quicker, economical and more reliable.

    How to Make Money with DAV coins?

    To start earning this program, first thing is you have to purchase the DAV coins during ICO Sale or ICO exchange period. Once you hold davorcoins in your wallet, then you may have various ways to make money through,

    • Lending program
    • Coin staking
    • Trading
    • Affiliate program
    Starting Lending with DAV Coin

    When you start depositing with your davorcoins, you can receive a daily interest. Davorcoin has the monthly interest rate up to 48% of your lending amount. The more you invest, the more you can earn interest.

    Additionally, you can lock your capital davorcoins investment for an additional period and boost your daily interest.

    Dav Coins Locking Period Daily Interest Boost
    +30 days +0.02%
    +60 days +0.05%
    +120 days +0.10%

    Davorcoins Staking Benefits

    Apart from lending, this program has been giving you an opportunity to earn profit through staking. Nothing but just stake/hold your davorcoins in your wallet for some period to earn new Dav coins.

    • For the First year, interest rate is 10% per month
    • For the second year, interest rate will be 8% per month
    • And for the third year, the rate of interest is 5% per month

    Affiliate Program

    Finally, investors can make the profit through affiliate program in 5 levels: 8%-4%-2%-1%-1% for lending program bonus and 6% as an ICO affiliate bonus.



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