Alternatives To DavorCoin – Closed


    Davorcoin is the newly entered digital currency into the cryptocurrency world that aims to become the most popular current altcoins like BTC and ETH. It is a form of digital money, which can be stored in computer, hardware wallet or somewhere in the cloud. This coin can be traded as stocks on the famous exchange when you own it.

    Davorcoin Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Sale

    DAV offers a crowdfunding round by means of ICO sale for 30 days, which will be the public sale of davercoins. The starting date and ending time of ICO sale will be mentioned earlier with the maximum coins supply of 6 million.

    During this ICO sale, the minimum purchase amount is 100 DAV and the maximum purchase amount is 50.000 DAV for a single user.

    How to Earn Profits?

    After ICO sale, you can invest your coins on lending and get a daily interest and up to 48% profit per month. Simply, you can hold your dav coins in your wallet for minimum 12 months and earn interest 10%.



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