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    Do you think or having any interest in crypto currency investing then here is the perfect monitor to help you learn about the live stock market and price of various coins like Bitcoins, litecoins and many other popular coins. Cryptowatch provides live price charts and current market data about the digital currencies. You can add your crypto currency investments, buys and sells to keep track or profit and loss stability.

    It also allows you to view your portfolio’s performance over time, with an easy to use graph model. Storing feature from Cryptowatch allows you to store your wallet or exchange addresses reducing the need for login to exchanges. It let you to create your own watchlist and view live data for free.

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    Pricing: Free Version/Premium Version : 0.04BTC per month

    Coin Market-by-Cryptocoincharts

    If you are an investor,? trader,? or an entrepreneur who wish to invest in digital coins but not sure about the trading price? then here we provide an solution for you to analyze the coin price with the crypto currency charting …



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