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    Bitconnect is the open source platform for people who wants to buy, sell and exchange BitconnectCoins (BCC) worldwide. Bitconnect allows you to earn, buy, sell and trade with digital coins also known as cryptocurrency. You can invest in decentralized cryprocurrency and earn interest based on the investment. Bitconnect is the revolution in Crypto currency. Bitconnect  public exchange let you buy, sell and trade BitConnect Coin ( BCC) directly to and from each other without any central organization.



      • @Aashish,
        I am using Bitconnect, Coinreum and Laser. Most of the programs are paying properly. But how long is the matter. You have to plan your investment properly. High Returns = High Risk
        1) How much you are willing to risk ?
        2) Diversify your portfolio with 2 to 3 companies.
        3) Try to take back what your invested soon.
        4) Re-Invest the profit from there and wisely take to your wallet.

    1. FYI…. Below We have outlined the simple steps you must do to receive you commission payout.
      Bitconnect will not allow amounts under .005 BCC to be sent out. Must provide Proof of investment. Either screen shots of investment or copy and past from lending wallet transactions page.

      Thank You!

    2. During ICO sale,bitconnect has been hosting around 4.8 million bitconnect coins. They are offering at an affordable value, which will be very for us to earn interests.

    3. Please remove etalon-trade. It’s a total scam. They lure in people with paying out money on small amounts, but anything over $150 is going straight into their pocket.

      They’re also very good a looking like a real company with live customer service and a telephone number, but if you try to inquire about “real” money all you’ll get is crickets.

      Very slick and slimy. Stay away fellow crypters!!!

    4. Please you many of website listed here in this site are not paying the only one paying I got Scam by they don’t pay, all monitors put those website Not paying except Bitconnect.

      • Thanks for update. We have removed it 2 days ago. We also constantly invest ourself to monitor most of sites and list the paying ones. Its always good to invest earlier and exit soon.

        • Hi Thank you I invested in because I saw the banner here in this blog but anyway I agree with you And still convinced that if all those Scam exist it is because of some few honest companies also exist so invest earlier and exit soon is a good approach Thanks

    5. Honestly, I’ve never made money easier. I used the lending robot GlobalTradingRobot via telegram and it’s paid me regularly. 1% every 4 hours! Yes, every 4 hours. That’s 180% a month! Very similar to the bitconnect but much easier and much more money. Once I found gtr thought it be worth a try. Like clockwork. And so easy to use. Supportive group. You get paid on referrals on 3 levels down. 5%,3% and 2% for any amount invested or reinvested by your down line. What’s even better is that your lending bitcoin and get paid in bitcoin. Accumulating btc has never been this easy! I day trade and mine as well so I can tell you first hand. You withdraw from telegram and they pay the fees.. Too good to be true right? That’s what I thought. Just an honest man trying to make things better for my family. Try it out. With 180% return a month you make your money back fast like me and the rest is compounded profit! Pure profit! Please use my link! Thanks!


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