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    Bitconnect is the open source platform for people who wants to buy, sell and exchange BitconnectCoins (BCC) worldwide. Bitconnect allows you to earn, buy, sell and trade with digital coins also known as cryptocurrency. You can invest in decentralized cryprocurrency and earn interest based on the investment. Bitconnect is the revolution in Crypto currency. Bitconnect  public exchange let you buy, sell and trade BitConnect Coin ( BCC) directly to and from each other without any central organization.

    • Crypto market news
    • User Privacy
    • QR code support
    • Mare than 10 currency conversion

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    Make Money with Bitconnect

    You may come across with many reviews and news about bitconnect. Right now, it seems to be 50-50 today, where 50% of people say that you are going to earn the profit, turning your money double within a few months in a huge promising guarantee that the bitconnect makes. On the other side 50% of people say that it is an absolute scam, it is coming down and whatever it is.

    Today here we are going to the best part, where anyone can do earn a profit on a daily basis in a simple way. Just imagine if you could double your dollars in less than 100 days, which means you can turn $100 to $200 and even more as you wish.

    So, let’s see how we are going to do that exactly with the bitconnect community.

    What is Bitconnect?

    Bitconnect is a digital currency just like a bitcoin.

    BitConnect is the bitcoin lending platform, which allows you to lend bitcoins and earn profit interest automatically. It is designed to offer multiple investment opportunities in a non-government controlled digital currency and to earn a substantial interest on investment amount.

    Important Things:

    1. Daily the value of the bitconnect fluctuates according to its technology and the trading’s ups and downs of bitcoin every day.
    2. The amount what you have invested initially will be locked for a certain period, but not the interest of your investment.

    How Bitconnect Interest payments actually work?

    You will earn daily profits based on your investment term.

    Bitconnect is a trading bot, which uses invested loans to trade daily and profit on the volatility of bitcoin. Every day, the profits accumulated are passed along to the investors at a percentage rate that will depend on the investment value and that day’s profit.

    The community has been using volatility software to profit from these fluctuations. So, you have to clear about what the daily interest is not guaranteed. If the software keeps profiting from those fluctuations, then the community promises to return a percentage of those profit in bcc as a daily interest. If not, then there is no daily interest.

    Some days you might earn the average interest, either you may earn much or less. But there is no guarantee about the same interest for the future days.

    Only because of the volatility of bitcoin, bitconnect can pay high-interest rates.

    Bitconnect Investment Spaces

    BitConnect and BitConnect Coin (BCC) are the 2 various aspects of the same platform. BitConnect aims to be a bitcoin lending platform, while BCC is the value token used by the platform.

    Bitconnect Lending
    Earn daily interest, profit as per volatility software

    Bitconnect Staking
    Earn staking interest on holding bitconnect coin min for 15 days

    Bitconnect Trading
    Earn profit with bitconnect coin trading, buy at the lower cost and selling at a higher cost

    BitConnect Mining
    Earn new bitconnect coin with BCC mining reward

    Steps to investing in BitConnect  Lending program

    First, if you are going to invest in BitConnect lending, then you have to buy BitConnect Coin (BCC) from BCC exchange using bitcoin. If you are already own bitcoin, then investing in the BCC lending is very simple.

    • Step 1: Create your BitConnect account and deposit bitcoin first
    • Step 2: Move funds from your bitcoin wallet to your Bitconnect bitcoin wallet
    • Step 3: Buy BitConnect Coin from BCC exchange
    • Step 4: Lend out or invest your BCC from Bitconnect wallet

    Whenever you buy and keep Bitconnect coins in your wallet, that amount will be treated as a loan and in turn, it can be used for investing in bitcoin. If bitcoin gain value, then Bitconnect makes a profit percentage based on the size of your investment.

    Know BitConnect Lending Interest

    Lending Amount Volatility Interest + Accrued Daily Capital Locked
    $100 – $1000 Up to 40% per month Back after 299 days
    $1010 – $5000 Up to 40% per month + 0.10% daily Back after 239 days
    $5010 – $10000 Up to 40% per month + 0.20% daily Back after 179 days
    $10010 – $100000 Up to 40% per month + 0.25% daily Back after 120 days

    Say for an example,

    If you are ready to invest the amount of $100 USD, which is the minimum amount that you can lend. You have to invest for a period of 299 days, then your interest will be:

    • Your Profit: $352.82
    • Return of interest: 352.82 (1.18% avg)
    • Profit + Principal: $452.82

    So, if you have invested $100 for 299 days, then you would receive $452.82

    In a nutshell, investing in the BitConnect community is a safer way to earn a high rate of return on your investment without any significant amount of risk.

    BitConnect Roadmap 2018

    To be Updated shortly…



      • @Aashish,
        I am using Bitconnect, Coinreum and Laser. Most of the programs are paying properly. But how long is the matter. You have to plan your investment properly. High Returns = High Risk
        1) How much you are willing to risk ?
        2) Diversify your portfolio with 2 to 3 companies.
        3) Try to take back what your invested soon.
        4) Re-Invest the profit from there and wisely take to your wallet.

    1. FYI…. Below We have outlined the simple steps you must do to receive you commission payout.
      Bitconnect will not allow amounts under .005 BCC to be sent out. Must provide Proof of investment. Either screen shots of investment or copy and past from lending wallet transactions page.

      Thank You!

    2. During ICO sale,bitconnect has been hosting around 4.8 million bitconnect coins. They are offering at an affordable value, which will be very for us to earn interests.

    3. Please remove etalon-trade. It’s a total scam. They lure in people with paying out money on small amounts, but anything over $150 is going straight into their pocket.

      They’re also very good a looking like a real company with live customer service and a telephone number, but if you try to inquire about “real” money all you’ll get is crickets.

      Very slick and slimy. Stay away fellow crypters!!!

    4. Please you many of website listed here in this site are not paying the only one paying I got Scam by they don’t pay, all monitors put those website Not paying except Bitconnect.

      • Thanks for update. We have removed it 2 days ago. We also constantly invest ourself to monitor most of sites and list the paying ones. Its always good to invest earlier and exit soon.

        • Hi Thank you I invested in because I saw the banner here in this blog but anyway I agree with you And still convinced that if all those Scam exist it is because of some few honest companies also exist so invest earlier and exit soon is a good approach Thanks

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