Sites Like Wayback Machine


    Wayback Machine is the topmost internet archiving website, which is being used by millions of people. This page allows anyone to see the history of an archived website and how it was developed.

    It gives free access to researchers, historians, scholars and for the general public. Wayback machine helps you to form up new strategies for your business and to comprehend the strategies adopted by your competitors.

    Digital Library

    It is a non-profit internet archiving digital library based one for viewing digital materials. Digital materials include web pages, software applications, music, images and books that are available on public domain.

    As of now, they have archived around 280 billion websites, 11 million textbooks, 4 million audios, 3 million videos, 1 million images and 100,000 software programs. Access to Wayback Machine is extremely important one that can be very useful in any critical situations.

    This internet archive servers about millions of people every day and it is one of the best websites in the universe. It is the only page that has been containing the complete data of millions of web pages over the internet.



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