Sites Like Togethertube


    Watching your favourite videos, shows with your friends together is always fun. There is an simple and easy way to watch with your friends anytime anywhere you are. Togethertube allows each and everyone to watch videos, special shows and listen to music together with your friends where ever they are with no respect to time.

    Special features

    It features synchronized playback, powerful moderation tools and a voting system too. It offers lot of fun to its users and the most important thing with this platform is, it won’t ask for any account registration.

    Togethertube is an best place for binge watching your favourite web series or Let’s play with friends. You can fill the playlist with your favourite episodes. It is an best platform for Long distance relationships. As it offers an interactive room settings to watch videos together and have a movie night even when you are far apart.

    You can also mark your room as private too to keep always strangers out. You can also create a room with your friends to meet up with your beloved friends after the school session.

    Over all the most important feature of this togethertube is it allow its users to create their own videos and release the new creation with a special event and also can view the reaction of other friends and viewers.



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