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    If you wish to store your successive versions of your source code, then use the Mercurial version control software. Mercurial is the powerful distributed version control system, which gives a local copy of the complete development history to each developer.

    Through mercurial distributed source control management tool committing merging and branching are faster and cheap. This system was written in Python so that it is supported on Windows and Linux like systems.

    Works Faster

    Mercurial is a straightforward conceptual model, especially when compared to Gif. It is very simple with its intuitive command line interface and modular commands. This system will handle any size and kind of project effectively and provides an easy and intuitive interface.

    You may think how it becomes very popular when there are many tools are tracking down the bugs faster. Yes, you are right, but it has many graphical frontends TortoiseHg and SourceTree.

    Many popular IDEs like Eclipse, Visual Studio, and IntelliJ have been integrated. It supports a multitude of workflows so that you can smoothly embellish its functions with extensions. Moreover, you may add some useful extensions like rebase, transplant, bisect, large files and more.

    You may Download Mercurial here



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