Sites Like iTools


    iTools is the best tool to get whatever you need to know about any domain name. It is one of the best alternative and genuine websites like Wayback Machine that provides you all sorts of information quickly. iTools website access the Alexa database, which tells you the domain popularity, site traffic, usage and the competitors of the web page.

    Archiving Website Details in Percentage

    If you are accessing the iTools portal for the first time, then you may confuse as the Archive tool is not available on the front page. Go to the official website, where you can find the internet option on the home page. Just click on the Internet, where you have to head over to websites tab access the archive tools.

    It is so popular because of its unique features including it allows you to know about the ranking and popularity of the website. It is the most trustable alternative to Wayback Machine. While using this tool, it makes you use the archive tool in a simple and easy manner.

    By accessing the Alexa database, iTools stores all the details of websites. Hence, it will be the perfect choice for boosting up the web page and you may have a great access to the popular sites. You can archive any website and know all the information at any time you wish.



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