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    Itch is a popular indie game hosting marketplace.You can download any latest indei games with this platform. It allows you to search for games creators, browse your favorite games, upload new games and many more. Itch delivers all types of games including Horror games, simulation, HTML5 games, Mac OS games, Multiplayer games and more.Itch is a simple and the more interesting way to find and share indie games online for free forever.

    Itch platform has a vast collection of most significant, interesting and independent creations that which you can find over the internet.Itch has a wide range of content with its platform itself which contains both free and paid content. It also provides the tools to make smart choices about how creators distribute their content.

    • Open Revenue sharing
    • DRM free builds
    • Vast content
    • Itch supports Bitcoin.

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    Pricing: Monthly Subscriptions: $12


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    • More than 6000 PC and Mac games
    • Blue Coins
    • Game Tutor


    Origin is a website is a gaming platform, especially for PC games. Your gaming taste may be in Epic RPGs, action-packed shooters or simulation hits, this Site provides you all kind of games. Playing games with friends and community is …


    Uplay is the PC game portal of Ubisoft, a French video game industry. All PC games are available and you can buy and play the games on this portal. You can enjoy the services by installing Uplay on your PC. …



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