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    Ever worried about the distance between your family, friends or beloved ones? then here is the right platform for you that helps to build a bridge between you and your friends, family members.

    Gaze is an platform for long distance movie night. Gaze lets you watch videos, listen music with people who are far away.It allows you to make a video call between your long distance friend as if you were there with them. It also let you to sync watch that is you can play, pause, seek the video you watching with your friends, which means you can always watch the same thing at the same time.

    Gaze also provides an smart way to watch your own files, if you have then you can gaze it. You can laugh or cry with your friends together while you are watching anything with Gaze platform. You can feel awesome when you watch an old movie with your family even when you are far apart form them, Gaze actually makes it feel like you are with your family right now.

    Get Start Easily

    To get start with this platform is very easy and simple. You can start inviting your friends via two platform, either invite with facebook or invite with E-mail.



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