Sites Like Darcs


    Darcs is an yet another distributed version control system which contains the ability to choose which changes to accept from other repositories, interaction with either local repositories or remote repositories via SSH, HTTP, email and interactive interface. Darcs approach is very different and unique, it focuses on changes rather than snapshots. It offers a user-friendly environment and a simple user interface. It also has many key features including Offline mode, Branching and merging, Interactivity, hosting.

    Usually, in version control systems branching enable to work on multi-tasks without disturbing a main line of work. In other Version systems like Git or Mercurial, branches are clearly created and merged. Darcs does not use a Git-style index to stage commits.Darcs also does not support local branches.

    In Git a set of changes that you record is called Commit. Whereas in Darcs it is called a Patch.


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