Sites Like CompetitorScreenshots


    Competitor Screenshots is an another interesting web archiving service. It stores all the historical screenshots of Web sites, email campaigns, and also social media activities of any websites. You can get the historical Screenshots of any websites. It might be your competitor websites, you can catch all the records of your competitor websites easily.

    Advantages Of Competitor Screenshots

    With Competitor Screenshots, you can easily identify ups and downs in your own day to day revenues. It helps you clearly see which changes, promotions of your website drive traffic, sales and which are not.? You can predict your competitors running out promotions too. Competitor Screenshots is the best alternative to trace the history of any website.

    You can get its email, its campaign screenshot and even historical screenshots and social media activities of a website for past 60 days. As in the name you can clearly understand how it works. Yes, you can search every detail of your competitor’s website with competitor Screenshots.



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