Sites Like Bazaar VCS


    Like Mercurial and git, Bazaar is also an another popular distributed version control system. It offers you a user-friendly experience. Bazaar itself known as Version Control for Human Beings. Bazaar can be used by anyone whether you are a single developer who works on multiple branches of same local content, or by teams that collaborate across a network.

    Why Bazaar?

    It supports many types of workflow which include solo, centralized and decentralized.  Bazaar is a great revision control system since it is embedded with many applications. You can modify and restore any changes with the help of Bazaar. It gives full freedom to revert any files, projects, system information and many other. It also has a powerful community which consists of lots of plug-ins and third-party tools such as GUI software.

    Bazaar is written in Python programming language, with packages for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux distributions. Bazaar is currently used by thousands of projects including MySQL, Bugzilla, GNUMailman, Debian, MariaDB, Drizzle, Launchpad, BitlBee and many other.



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