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    1155 the most suggested alternative to Wayback Machine, which will take both screenshot and code of a web page. While archiving, it allows you to search for website history as well as to take a screenshot of any domain.

    It will be the perfect option to retrieve all the information about a particular website you want including graphical details and data.

    How Works?

    Unlike Wayback Machine, it does not send any crawlers to archive web page, which means it doesn’t stop archiving using a robot.txt file. If you visit its official website, you can see 2 search bars.

    The very first red search bar is used to archive the content of the entered domain. And the below blue search bar allows you to search the archive for saved snapshots.

    With the help of, you can get the power to access the content of any website quickly. It is so popular because of its smooth functioning and easy navigation. When you provide the address of any web page, it captures the screenshot and website history.



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