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It seems like the number of websites may change or disappears from the internet nowadays. If you wish to preserve any web page forever, either you have to download the entire website or you have to use a web archiving service.

Apart from downloading the complete website, you can go with the webpage archiving one, which will safely store a copy of that website on your own server permanently.

For this, there are varieties of online tools and websites are available for doing so. The most popular and being used by millions of people today is Wayback Machine.

What is Wayback Machine?

Wayback Machine is nothing but, it is one of the best internet archiving websites.  Many people and business depend on the Wayback machine, which allows viewing the deleted information of the web page.

People are using this term called “Archiving Website” is for improving the business strategy against the competitor. While using these techniques, it grants a power to your business and its growth. The internet archiving includes content, images, audio, video, text, design template and coding in the database.

Therefore, it is very important for you to having access to the websites like Wayback machine. It can very useful for anyone in a critical stage, because of no 100% guarantee that a website will never down. So, it is your responsibility to be prepared for any issues.

Some Other Useful Factors of Archiving Websites
  • Restore your deleted website data
  • Check the history of a website
  • Accessing the content of the down sites
  • Understanding the competitor’s strategy
  • Monitor the archived version of the website

Looking for the Wayback Machine Alternative? Whatever be the reasons are, if you are finding the Wayback Machine Alternatives, then you are in a right place. Here are some of the best 10 alternative websites like Wayback Machine for your attention. the most suggested alternative to Wayback Machine, which will take both screenshot and code of a web page. While archiving, it allows you to search for website history as well as to take a screenshot of any domain. It will be the perfect option to retrieve all the information …

DomainTools is a web archiving website which provides the website’s information and security services. It grabs your network indicators and has domain and IP information also. Those are connected with every other active domain on the internet. You can access the access the website information by creating an account on …

Pricing: 99/month/995/year + 2 months free

iTools is the best tool to get whatever you need to know about any domain name. It is one of the best alternative and genuine websites like Wayback Machine that provides you all sorts of information quickly. iTools website access the Alexa database, which tells you the domain popularity, site … is completely unique from other website archiving websites and it contains the screenshot history of any website. The most of the archiving websites only have the collection of webpage code without advertisements and images. But has different archive technology and using you can get the view exactly …

If you wish to see how a web page actually looks in the past? Then, Webcite is an on-demand web archiving system. It is a well-known online archiving wayback alternative website. This page allows anyone especially authors, editors, and publishers of booms to cite and archive the old version of …

It is one of the best leading web archiving services that is used for collecting and accessing each and every information about the web pages. It is completely built at the Internet archive. Archive-It is a user-friendly web application that helps organizations to harvest, build, and preserve collections of digital content. …

Croatian Web Archive is founded in 2004 by National and University Library in Zagreb in order to provide website archiving services. It collects the copy of web resources in a legal manner and takes this mission of collecting archived web resources as a service for Croatian National Heritage. You can …


Wayback Machine is the topmost internet archiving website, which is being used by millions of people. This page allows anyone to see the history of an archived website and how it was developed. It gives free access to researchers, historians, scholars and for the general public. Wayback machine helps you … is the archiving website contains cached pages which are the snapshot and version of the webpage. As large companies with powerful web server usually archive the backup copy of the webpages, you can access quicker than live page even at the time of internet down, traffic, slow and overloaded. … is free tools and resources providing website. Its web history providing service is powered by wayback machine and achieved by Through which you can view the history of the website which is snapshotted at the various time period. To get the website history, just enter the URL address …

PageFreezer is a special archiving website for social media and eDiscovery. It provides you the online content that you needed in a required industry format. It is very safe and automatic to access. It provides the social media conversation, post, and comments for legal use like evidence submission in the …

Competitor Screenshots is an another interesting web archiving service. It stores all the historical screenshots of Web sites, email campaigns, and also social media activities of any websites. You can get the historical Screenshots of any websites. It might be your competitor websites, you can catch all the records of …

Pricing: Start For Free/$119.95 per Month



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