Top 10 Places to Find Free Proxy Servers List


Proxy server list will quickly help anyone to access the blocked web pages and easily surf the internet. Many of the online vendors are offering a huge list of working and fake proxies, but no worries. For that, we came with the big proxy server list providers. They offer you big list that will help you to access those not available or URL has been blocked websites.

Therefore, try to use an appropriate IP according to your destination or country. Using those proxies, you can open pages on the blocked places, may be in company or college wherever the admin has blocked some websites.

How to setup proxies on browsers?

  • Chrome: Options -> Network -> Change Proxy Settings -> LAN Settings -> Use a Proxy Server -> Advanced ->HTTP
  • Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Settings-> Manual Proxy Configuration
  • Opera: Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Network
  • Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings -> Use a Proxy Server -> Advanced -> HTTP
  • Safari: Preferences -> Advanced -> Change Settings -> Web Proxy (HTTP)

Proxy Nova provides and maintains the huge number of current list of proxy servers all around the world. Its powerful software keeps checking more than millions of proxies day by day. So that, they have been creating one of the best reliable proxy lists all for free of cost. There …

Pricing: Free is the place, where you find proxies list of different types like http, https, anonymous, distorting, transparent and more. It will filter out all the unreliable and dead proxies from the database and provide the lists that are constantly working proxies. So, you can find only 100% working proxies, …

Downloads: Start Free Trail

Pricing: Free is one of the trusted leaders in proxy services since 2011. You can choose the country, port, protocol, anonymity and uptime speed options to filter your search result. It will display you a big list of free web proxy servers near to you.

Pricing: Free

You can find the latest checked proxies in the list of portal. It provides you the fast proxies and adds new proxy ip address frequently to its proxy list. Here you can find a number of web proxy server list, which are all good to use. It tests each …

Pricing: Free

Are you looking for a proxy list by country, by port or the fastest proxy list? Here it is the place, where you can find updated and reliable proxy list. These free proxies are public HTTP proxy and you may check its free proxy software also. Here, the list is …

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GatherProxy is one of the leading websites providing free proxy by country, port, anonymity level, uptime and response time. It always tries its best to deliver a variety of proxy server lists with high quality for you people. The proxies given by are tracked all the time to make …

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It is the best place, where you can find verified ip port proxies list available for major countries. Those complete lists are continuously scanned and harvest Open Proxy Servers from the internet then filter the proxies Sort by Port, Countries, Protocols, Anonymity levels and Speed. Its free proxies are refreshing …

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Pricing: Free



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