Best Cloud / Online Backup Service


Cloud backup (also known as “Online backup”) services allows you backup your files to remote servers, to protect against data crash/loss. Later those files can be recovered by downloading them to your personal computer. Even there are some services which can ship your files on an external hard drive, in some cases. Online backup services fully focus on backup and recovery process alone.

Dropbox is an cloud storage which allows users  to share files and recover previous file versions, so it could be logically considered as an online backup service. Likewise, IDrive online backup service provider allows you to use sync service that makes it similar to a cloud storage service. Brief check on the the features of all services and pick up the best suit for you.

If You really want your files, photos and documents protected then Carbonite is the best solution for online backup.The Comfort you derive from knowing your files are safe is priceless when you use Carbonite. It backs up all your important files and photos automatically, keeping them safe from accidental deletions, …

Downloads: Windows | Mac OS X

Pricing: Free Trial/Plans Starts From $59.99 - $149.99 per Year

Crashplan offers Triple Destination Data Storage and Protection. You have got three different ways to provide with reliable backup, so your files are always there for you. You have the option to back up to local drives & computers, offsite drives & computers or online to CrashPlan Central.Every one of your …

Downloads: Windows | Ios | Android

Pricing: Free/Plans Starts From $5.99 - $13.99 per Month

Zoolz is the new way to quickly protect and manage all your photos, videos and files.It automatically backs up and centralizes all your content in one safe place. Access all your files from any device with our easy-to-use platform. You can watch your favourite moments with family and friends,View your …

Downloads: Android | Ios | Windows | Mac

Pricing: Free/Plan Starts From $3.30 - $8.30 per Month

Live Drive is an online service which provides cloud backup and sync storage. LiveDrive is a complete solution for online backup. You can Backup unlimited size of files and folders to LiveDrive. Livedrive is very easy to back up your photos, documents, music, videos and more. Livedrive will automatically back up …

Downloads: Mac | Windows Phone | Ios | Android

Pricing: Free/Plans Starts From $6.58 - $19.73 per Month

SOS Online backup is the world’s most secure online backup. You can backup all your devices including tablets and mobiles, even facebook using SOS online backup. All your data’s are secured with military grade multi layer encryption which is 100 % safer. The most important feature of SOS online backup …

Downloads: Windows | Mac | Ios | Android

Pricing: Free Trial/Plans Starts From $4.99 - $29.99 per Month

JustCloud is a secure online backup service open to all. Just cloud offers online backup, computer backup and pc backup for home and business users. Cloud storage from JustCloud is more simple, Fast in real time and Provides full protection.With online backup You can upload any type of your files …

Downloads: Ios | Android | Blackberry | Kindle Fire | Windows Phone

Pricing: Free/Plans Starts From $10.69 - $14.44 per Month

Mozy is an leading online data backup cloud storage solutions for all.You can read your documents, browse your photographs, play your music, and share files anywhere, any time. You can back up any of your data with Mozy and feel free from losing it. Your files should be encrypted and stored …

Downloads: Windows | MacIos | Android

Pricing: Free/Plans Starts From $13.98 - $209.98 per Month



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