Top Best Mind Mapping Software for 2018


A mind mapping is an graphical representation of ideas, thoughts, plans  and concepts. Mind Mapping is also known as visual thinking for your  structured information, helping you to easily understand the complex things  and generate new ideas.

Mind Maps are generally used to visualize, structure thoughts and ideas, organizing information, solving complex things, making proper decisions and more. You can share your Mind maps with your team and friends. MindMaps allows brainstorming technique for planning and organizing tasks. There are softwares which allows you to create Mind maps for better understanding.

Here we have listed industry’s top leading Mind Mapping software and its features along with it. You can go through the list and get a right decision to pick a best Mind mapping software which suits your need.

Lucidchart is the most popular online diagram and flowchart maker software. Lucidchart is designed in a way for better compatibility with programs like G suite and also provide complete support for Microsoft Visio documents. You can also export to any file formats when you are done and also publish with …

Downloads: Android | Ios

Pricing: Free

MindMeister is the industry leading Mind Mapping software. MindMeister provides you lot of features which supports you to create Mind mapping and Brainstorm collaboratively. MindMeister is used by lots of users for their creative work. You can capture, develop and share your ideas using MindMeister online mind mapping tool. MindMeister …

Downloads: Android | Ios

Pricing: Free

Xmind is the most popular mind mapping software in the planet. With its fresh look, better usability and cloud Xmind 8 pro comes to a new stage. XMind cloud syncronizes all your file automatically across Mac and PC. You can view and edit your mind map online as it is …

Downloads: Ios | Windows | Mac OS X | Linux

Pricing: XMind 8 Free/XMind 8 Plus $79/XMind 8 Pro$99

Coggle is a simple collaborative mind map tools that helps you clearly visualize any complex things. Coggle is a free mind mapping web application to share complex information in a simple way. Coggle is basically designed to help everyone to sort out complex information in a clear, simple way that …

Pricing: Free/Awesome Version $5 per Month/Organisation Version $8 per Month

Mindmup2 is an free online Mindmapping software. Mindmup2 is the most leading online Mindmap canvas which allows you to create Mind map and also let you import and export it. Mindmup2 is an zero friction mind mapping and it is integrated with Google apps. Mindmup allows you to store all …

Pricing: Free/Individual Gold Account $2.99 per Month/Domain Gold Account $100 per Year

Mindomo is an leading online portal for Mindmapping, Concept mapping and Outlining. Mindomo is an cross platform Mind mapping soltion which works on Android, Ios, Mac and Linux too. You can use Mindomo to easily create and share mind maps, concept maps, task maps and outlines. Mindomo is an powerful …

Downloads: Android | Ios | Windows | Mac | Linux

Pricing: Free

MinJet is an mind mapping software for Visualizing ideas. Infact MindJet is the best way to visualize and organise information. You can Brainstorm ideas, take notes, track tasks with MindJet in a simple and effective ways. With MindJet Android Application you can teke Your mind map anywhere anytime. MindJet allows …

Downloads: Android | Ios

Pricing: Free

MindManager is an top preferred Mind mapping software which is developed by MindJet. This software lets the user to visualize information in mind itself. You can organize ideas, plans and resources using MindManager software. You can enjoy the powerful mind mapping software which is integrated with lot of functionalities that …

Downloads: Windows | Mac

Pricing: Free Trial/For Windows $444/For Mac $228

Scapple is an industry leading Mind mapping software for Windows and Mac. You can download Scapple and use this platform for getting ideas much faster and make connections between them. Scapple is not exactly the mindmapping infact it is just like taking notes everywhere in a sheet and finally connecting …

Downloads: Windows | Mac OS X

Pricing: Education Version $12/Regular Version $14.99 is an online portal for brainstorm and Mind mapping. You can Brainstorm online using let you design your ideas, create a book outline, map a team hierarchy and present your big idea with allin one solution known as is an web based online platform which …

Pricing: Free/Premium $4.91 per Month

Mind42 is an one of the most used free online mind mapping software. Mind42 let you create a mind map which is in a special form of structured diagrams to visually organize information. You can share your mind maps with others using Mind42.  

MindNode is an delightful Mind Mapping for your Mac, iphone and ipad. Mindnode let you Visualize your ideas, you can start with central thought and then brainstorm, share and organize your Mindmaps. With MyMindNode free service that is available for MindNode Mac and Ios users you can always publish your …

Downloads: Mac | iPad | iPhone

Pricing: MindNode 2 $29.99/MindNode 4 $9.99

Bloomfire is an most widely used knowledge sharing software. Bloomfire let your organization information in a faster way, and to retain your best employees and eliminate information. Bloomfire software finds your company information with a single search.

Downloads: Get Demo

Pricing: Basic $9 per Month/Plus $17 per Month

iMindMap is an creative piece of technology which allows you to create Mind Maps. iMindMap is an complete feature Mind Mapping software which is free to use. You can visualize your own ideas, thoughts and plans and put everything in a place called Mind Maps. iMindmap is an ultimate creative …

Downloads: Android | Ios | Windows | Mac

Pricing: Free/Home/Student $100/Ultimate $235/Ultimate Plus $310

Popplet is the simplest tool which allows you to capture and organise your ideas easily. You can quickly sort and visualize your ideas with Popplet. Popplet is one of the best solution for many students who have poor organisation skills and lack of  visual memory. Popplet is the great platform …

Downloads: Ios

Pricing: $4.99

SimpleMind is the world’s top leading cross platform in mind mapping solutions. Analyze your thoughts and structure it with SimpleMind. Unique layout from Simplemind let you organize your ideas how the way you want it to be. You can use multiple mindmaps on a single page. SimpleMind allows you to add …

Downloads: Windows | Mac | Android | Ios

Pricing: Free/Windows Single User $23.99/Android $5.99/Ios Store $5.99

Wisemapping is the evolution in visual thinking. Wisemapping is a fast and easy to use Mind mapping editor which is designed for students, teachers, individuals and also business. Wisemapping doesnot required any installation as it is web based and it uses HTML5. You can import, Export from and to Freemind. …

Pricing: Free

iThoughts is an leading mind mapping apps for windows, iOS and Mac. Toketaware provides mind mapping solution for different OS. iThoughts allows you  to visually organize your thoughts, ideas and information. iThoughts allows you to share your mind maps with others. You can also import and export your mind maps …

Downloads: Windows | Ios | Mac

Pricing: Free Trial/Starts From $11.99 - $62

MindView is the world’s best mind mapping software. You can visually brainstorm, organise and present ideas using MindView. MindView is the industry leading professional mind mapping software which provides top leading integration with MSOffice. With project management features and collaboration options MindView tops the chart. MindView lets you to export …

Downloads: Windows | Mac OS X | Online

Pricing: Online $15 per Month/Windows User $379/Mac User $349

MindMapple is the industry leading Mind mapping software which let you organize your thoughts with mindmapple pen anywhere anytime. Using MindMapple Pen You can create mind mapping and export your map to a wide range of documents. MindMapple is fully optimized for windows10.

FreeMind is an leading free mind mapping software which is actually written in Java. FreeMind  will runs on any system as it is written in Java with a Java run time environment. FreeMind is an Mindmapper and also an easy to use hierarchical editor. You can use freemind for keeping …

Downloads: Windows | Mac OS X | Linux

Pricing: Free



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